27 August 2009

All For Today

KFC won
Why not McDonald
Went out with dear to do revision together
But not McDonald as I would vomit if I eat McDonald everyday
But today's brunch was just not much different as yesterday
KFC at Kepong Jusco
I ordered a snack meal and he ordered zinger burger set
Saw Sulim and Kim Jun too

Started our revision at Arena food court
Done only less than 10 questions for paper 2 of Additional Mathematics
Played for sometimes when we felt tired

I told him that I was thirsty
Guess what he bought for both of us
A pack of fresh peel apple juice with aloe vera in it
But we have finished it within that few hours
This was the first time I done this kind of things
Thanks for the first time dear

I slept on his leg when I felt sleepy
So comfortable weih
He woke me up around 5pm then
After buying something at Popular
It was RAINING heavily
Went to Watson to buy an umbrella which cost RM21++
We were really crazy

These are what we have done today
What to say
A crazy day

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