11 October 2011

Open houses in Perak.

I believe most of the Malaysians especially the students had had a one week Hari Raya break somewhere in the middle of September, including me myself. Speaking about Hari Raya only almost one month after the break ended seems to be slightly too late, but I was so tensed up by the heavy workloads throughout the entire hateful September. Anyway, it wouldn't be known as an awesome holiday if I did not go on a simple yet memorable trip with the classmates, with two open houses by Fahmi and Helmy respectively within two days time at two different locations in Perak. Despite some unexpected shits that happened in between, it was considered a successful trip to be able to get almost 15 people with three cars joining us along.

Departing from Taylor's University at around 2pm after waiting for a few hours for the late comers to arrive, our first destination was Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre owned by Fahmi's dad, where one of the open houses was held.


The foods served were just some normal Malay traditional foods but most of them tasted well especially the vegetables and the curry chicken. I didn't eat any of the cookies, though, because I wasn't really in the "cookies mood". :P

I thought the stage was just for decoration purposes until Fahmi's dad started singing on the stage with his mum joining without singing after that. The mum was so pretty! :D

Whenever Fathu is there, My Heart Will Go On will never be forgotten; there wasn't any exception on that day itself, and you know what I mean. Watch the video!

Dear Malaysians, please be proud to be Malaysians when the foreigners give thumbs-up to only some pretty simple typical Malaysian food. :)

Fahmi, being the son of the owner of the resort, was definitely one of the representatives from Taylor's University to be standing on the stage singing at least one song.

Beyond doubt, the owner was the one who performed on the stage the most, and I truly love the moment when he sang together with his own son; that's really sweet.

Surely, we were brought around the resort for a short tour before heading to the next destination in the resort itself, and we saw such a big fat chicken upon entering an entrance. I felt as if its legs could bring one to death with just a small kick.

I wondered how old it was with thousands of tree branches that formed a huge natural umbrella by the riverside.

Many thanks to Fahmi; we had two complimentary chalets located right at the riverside just for changing and resting purposes.

The guys except for the Badman who preferred to stay with me and Jun who was asleep in the guys' room, and Fathu being the one and the only girl were all cooling themselves in the river.

You know what the girls would usually do when they're bored. :P

This boy started fooling around as soon as he woke up from his nap.

Our journey was then continued once everyone agreed to move on to the next destination, with so many stops in between for toilet breaks especially. The Badman was the one who drove Alia's car all the way to Lumut from Kalumpang Resort and Training Centre. All the drivers basically sped all the way to Lumut crazily that the Koreans, Jun and Taemin, kept on yelling at Theeban who drove their car for being such a crazy dude.

This bus-like car passed by while we were waiting for the others to fill their petrol tanks at one of the petrol stations. Do you have any idea what it was?

The sky had turned dark by the time we finally arrived at Helmy's house located in Lumut; it was one hell of an extremely long and tiring day but we definitely had a lot of fun!

P/S: There were so many cats around and I was one of them who ran around to avoid touching the cats; I'm not afraid of cats, but I never like touching animals when there's nowhere I could wash my hand.

That one small piece of thing was so unbelievably expensive!

We purposely went to one of the hotels nearby to meet Farah and one of our seniors from DT35, JC, who were both having vacations with their respective family, and brought them for a night out that ended up they went back on the next morning instead due to some reasons. We were all pretty hungry at the moment just because we wanted to fill our stomachs with seafood, unfortunately they were all closed by the time we arrived, probably because of Hari Raya. Having KFC located nearby the Lumut Jetty was the very last and a pretty much unsatisfying decision.

P/S: Farah and JC were coincidentally staying in the same hotel.

Despite paying RM100 per room in the creepy budget hotel which I only got to know the entire story a few weeks after the trip ended, most of us couldn't get to sleep throughout the night because sometimes shits happen unexpectedly. That was one of the reasons why fever attacked the Badman on the next day and he had been to the toilets for so many times just within an hour. D:

Please forgive him for being overly bored.

With me starting off the plan by asking for help from Helmy and some of the guys, a simple birthday celebration was brought out especially for the Badman and Maliewann after keeping everyone waiting in a restaurant. By looking at the photo above, you would've known why the Donald Duck was there on the chocolate cake.

Michelle was undeniably a freaking strong woman. LOL! :P

We finally moved on to Helmy's house for the second open house right after we finished the cake and paid for the drinks we ordered.

The Koreans were too sleepy that they even fell asleep upon arrival at Helmy's house.

We were all sitting at one of the corners filled with black sofas and some decorations while waiting for the food to be prepared. Helmy's mum was indeed an awesome cook that everyone sincerely praised her about how nice the foods were.

Both the Koreans who were so freaking exhausted and the Badman who was having fever at the moment went for a nap at Helmy's room while the others were hanging around the area in and out of the house.

We even shamelessly had our dinner cooked by his mum because Helmy told us to stay until the sky turned dark. The foods were so damn goooooooddd!

Before we started our journey back to Subang Jaya, we all had some group photos taken; two complete ones with and without Helmy's second sister, and an incomplete one with one person carrying another except for Fahmi, which everyone liked it so much. :)

Yet again, all the drivers including Vinod, Theeban, and Fahmi sped all the way from Lumut back to Subang when the sky turned totally dark; a MyVi at a speed of approximately 130 kilometers per hour definitely drove us crazy! However, the entire trip was definitely a really awesome and successful one, and that was as well when I started falling in love with attending open houses. Despite not having any seafood, despite all the hassles we had been through from the planning until the trip ended, the overall trip had pretty much summarized my entire Hari Raya break of the year 2011.

Should we make it once again on the next Hari Raya break? ;)



  1. Wow. you really have a great holiday ya. Til now, I never been to Hari Raya open house before. Perhaps, try to seek whether I have chance to do so next year.

    By the way, the scenery around the riverside is so so so so NICE!

  2. Hahaha yes, it was really great. You should really join some open houses. Even though they're all just about eating and greeting, but the gatherings are also one of the reasons why I think joining those open houses has been some great experiences.

    The scenery around was really nice. Even though the weather was so extremely hot, by spending your afternoon by the riverside, or perhaps in the river itself, it's soothing and cooling. :D

  3. delicious fooddd~~ XD
    I never been to any Hari Raya open house too! wish to join it one day~


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