25 August 2009


Many people had passed away

One of daddy's friends had just passed away
He is an Indian
He kept on vomiting and so he went to clinic
The doctor is an Indian too
The doctor done something wrong
Caused him gone into a coma
Death came to him and brought him to another world

Another friend of daddy had passed away
Because of a motor vehicle accident
This is the second one

Someone I never know
People attended his or her funeral today
I saw it on the way back to KL from Mentakab

H1N1 attack people all around the world
Many people died too
This is the fourth

I thought a lot in the car
How if someone around me does so
I think I could not accept the truth
If he or she is someone very close to me
Tears rolling in my eyes at that moment
But I stopped them

Boys and girls
Please take extremely good care of yourselves
God bless you

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