11 September 2009

The Memorable 10.09.2009

Dear's birthday has over and he finally stepped into 19
HAPPY BIRTHDAY my lovely dear
He told me that he was really happy for my plans
But I actually didn't plan anything for him
Time is the main reason as we finished school at 3.15pm

We went for lunch at Secret Recipe * again >.<" *
We celebrate our birthdays every time at Secret Recipe
But in year 2009
We hanged out together at 22 of March
And I brought him to Secret Recipe at Kepong Jusco
I wished to celebrate with him at Daorae but TIME again
We have a great day for yesterday * it's already 12 something right now LOL *
It was memorable but both of us have forgotten about taking photos
Okay fine
At least we still have brains to memorize everything happened yesterday

I said "happy birthday" to him for at least 10 times
But I like to see him laugh happily
And the way he treated me as a naughty girl at that time

I love you and once again
Happy birthday to you
I wish you would like the short video that I made for you
<3 forever

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