19 October 2009

Cracked Voice

Felicia told me about this news today at school

Zhou Mi
One of the members in Super Junior M
His voice cracked while filming and people were laughing at him
Let's don't mention his teammate Kyuh Yun who laughed until kneeled down on the floor
Zhou Mi shed his tears right on the stage
That's a kind of hurt I think
Some of the people even shouted for compensation
This is like adding salts on one's wound
It's painful
Well of course
There were still some people supporting him and wanted him to cheer
Me too

Although I'm not his fans
But singers are humans too
I'm always curious about why people always love to blame the stars just because of some minor affairs
Andy Low's case is an example

I'm just telling what I thought


  1. yer!y put on9?
    very sad for him ah!!!
    dat kyu hyun!!!
    i bought super girl leh...

  2. you bought the cd arr

    is okay
    don't be so sad
    wish to see him cheer for his team and himself and also try his best


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