07 October 2009

The Day

Where Got Ghost

We went to Kepong Jusco to have this movie
It was unexpectedly for me
We sat at couple seats as usual
I watched this movie in his embrace too
I love to watch movie in such a nice way

The so-called ghost frightened me for a few times
But it is actually a funny movie
Found that I'm as timid as a mouse

We went for our lunch before that
Something was happened between me and him
I shed my tears just in the restaurant
Some of the waiters saw it but I didn't really mind of that
That's not important at all
He shed his tears too
He knew he hurt me once again
We then went to the smoking area to talk about
Fortunately there was no one smoking because I truly hate the smell
I started to talk all about my feelings
Shed my tears again and again
He listened quietly and hugged me tightly without saying anything
I forgave him
But still
My heart is painful
Better mood doesn't want to come back to me until now

I hope you would do everything you promised

I love you

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