20 December 2009


Many of the bloggers are recently refreshing their blogs
Changing their blogger skins and styles
To make timely preparations for the year 2010
But mine is still remains the same as what I used to decorate my stuffs

Plain black shows my own personality
God knows and he knows
I am being comprehended only by a few
I used to it so no worries

For me
Black color represents quietness and coolness
That's me when I'm still normal
Although it makes me depress for some times
But it calms me when I need it to be as my temporary companion

I love to have heart-to-heart talk with my boy in darkness
So that he cannot realize when I tears
Although he can still realize that through my different voices damn
I love to be in darkness as if I want to be alone
I'm afraid to see "something wrong" though I know I'm really stupid

People might ask me why I don't choose white color
It's simply because white is tooooooo plain
And as what I said
I love to stay in darkness but white is in the opposite
That is too bright

There are still lots of reasons for why I used to choose black color
I believe that some of you are as same as me too

I know I'm recently updating my blog too frequently
Blogging is actually quite a good way to avoid boredom
And to mitigate the terrible sufferings of mine
I truly deeply madly miss my boy so much
And I blog them just whenever I want to blog

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