12 December 2009


Feeling down for almost the whole day
The tons of books and notes and etc is the very first reason

All of them have been in the same cupboard for years
And because of my grandma who always wants to take care of grandpa by herself
Mum decided to move everything in the room which was originally a study
So that there is a space to place the bedstead
She took those books out that I actually kept for both my brothers
And also their rubbishes
And asked me to deal them all
She placed all of them into my room which is no guys are able to enter
There are three full boxes of rubbishes and I have to deal them all
Just by me myself


I arranged them in the first night until almost 3am
Found a lot of memories with St. John from the first box * not going to mention *
I then continued my job in the afternoon of today
That was freaking hot although I had on the air conditioning system
I scared my aunt when I came down with a red and sweaty face
And now there is still one more box there in my room
And full of books around

I'm really mad of the lazy guys
I blame both my younger brothers all the time for their laziness
Playing online games for the whole day and then came into SURPRISING results
Yea their results are really surprising until transferred to another school
Actually those guys at home have suffered that too
But the eldest one left the school after Form 5 and now studying in a college
He is a lazy guy too though
He didn't even arrange his books nicely to pass them to me
He placed the books everywhere and they are all art stream ones
Useless to me

For all of you
Maybe I'm a narrow-minded person
For remembering those cases all the time
Maybe I'm a sort of person to bear a grudge
But how if you have three of them in your house

Anyway I just need a break to clear everything in my mind
I'm waiting for the trip on next Wednesday

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