26 December 2009


I viewed peoples' blogs before and after having my dinner
Ahhh I'm really lame enough by clicking "Next Blog"
There's actually one unreasonable reason for why
My dad was sitting beside me and I'm always not allowed to show my blog to him
Or my life will end up just like that

I always forget about the so-called louyeh's camp
I'm regret for promising Ting that early and some more I had paid the camping fee
There are a few gangs over there and which gang should I join
I have no idea mannn
I will be packing my luggage tomorrow

Camera with batteries
Hand phone with charger
Plastic bags for dirty clothes
Umbrella hmmm
Things that I must have to bring under Ting's order
Mineral water
Notebook with pen to record everything
Anything else
Think about it later

Go or just break the promise
I truly deeply madly hate people breaking promises
So I will not do that if unnecessary
But what to do
Just accept the fact
Arghhh why am I so stupid huh brainless shit

Post about the camp will be blog soon after that
I guess

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