01 December 2009


The bad news depressed me in the night
And this is why I am still here
Blogging in the midnight although I had promised to go to bed earlier
I shed my tears quietly in my room before I went down for the laptop

My phone which lives under the best protection of me all the time
He is now unable to function
Is he planning to give me a temporary difficulty
Or forever
This is just too difficult to guess
I would like to know where I could get the answer

I changed my SIM card to another hand phone
An old hand phone which acts as an extra hand phone of mine
It does not belong to anyone
I have to use it even though I dislike it

I feel like screaming and crying and etc
And I am actually very tired as I didn't sleep very well these days


  1. rosak again?! claim back the money to fix it laz time!

  2. no
    i can still use the warranty card
    but still mad of it lo


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