15 December 2009

Dinner Night

The dinner for the 90th anniversary celebration has finally over
Were there really 10000 people attend
We stood always and always without reasons
Felt tired but I have fully rested for about 11 hours

I went back home right after the SPM ended
Dear came along too
Yesterday was the first time he met my grandparents
They looked surprise for his appearance and kept looking at him
I took a bath as the weather was really hot enough
My sweats made me felt sticky and uncomfortable
And then we waited for my cousin to fetch us to the school
It was raining heavily at that time
We're quite worry if we have to duty in the heavy rain
Fortunately we didn't have to
And the rain has totally stopped before the dinner started

We stayed in a classroom for so long
We ate and chatted and etc for hours just to wait the time passed
We then stood at the outside of the school to welcome Najib
With a plastic Malaysia flag
We were like kids holding sticks filled with candies
We did enjoy playing with the sticks though
This is what a kid being

We saw Najib in a Perdana-liked car
With a lot of policemen on their motorcycles or in their cars
And also four bodyguards behind
But I have no feeling for his attendance
Nothing to be proud * whoops *

We tidied up those equipments when the dinner almost end
And I finally can meet my boy
I have been waiting for so long to meet him
We chatted beside the ugly pond
The night was great and the ambience was quite nice
Didn’t influence by the people around us
But we kept quiet
To enjoy the time
I miss him so much at that moment
Although he was just sitting beside me
Tears suddenly appeared and kept rolling in my eyes
Owh I really love crying huh

I walked along Jalan St. Thomas together with 2 little boys and a woman
They were Park Min and Chi Kang and his mum
We talked a lot along the road
Never did I think that I could chat with Chi Kang's mum

Home is the best place for me to go when I'm freaking tired
As what we used to say
Home sweet home
I took a bath and went to my lovely bed after I dried my hair
And I slept very well for the night
Look how tired I was

Today is a day for me to rest
And tomorrow would be extremely different
I will be disappearing for about 3 days
So take care of yourselves my dear readers

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