19 December 2009

Free From The Team

I could still remember that four of us have promised
To stay as a team forever
I didn't mean to leave but you girls forced me to leave you far away
I was like an outsider
Joined your team just for the competition
And being kicked off when the competition has over wtf
Is this exactly what you girls are being
You know

You girls are disappointing me whenever I see your photos
Or messages or whatever
I always recall to the sweet moments that we have been going through altogether
It has became a past tense however
What can I do is just to regret for didn't appreciate every moment
When I was still a teammate of you

No way
This is not the way I used to be
This is just a tiny-rubbish-inconspicuous heartbreak
And it's time to break everything completely


I'm finally wholly free from the team
We can solve anything with just a smile people

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