19 December 2009


The trip has finally come to an end
An unforgettable trip has no explanation for why I guess

We stayed in Ria Apartment again in the trip
But in different blocks
There's no problem to move from this room to another room
And to check in early in the morning

Nice view in the morning from 17th floor of Ria Apartment
The wind was strong and its sound was quite scary

The weather in Genting is freaking cold in the end of the year
This is why I caught a cold * second time ISH *
I ate Zyrtec after dinner but it didn't function for this time
I then walked around and around in the room without taking any rest
Just to reduce my flu
It's useless though
I sent a text message to my mum to ask for help
She allowed me to eat one more pill which is just to cure a normal flu
Messages from her made me felt warm
Thanks mama
I felt much better when I woke up in the midnight
Viruses are still attacking my body
My illness forced me to make a temporary decision
No more trip to Genting in the end of the year due to my physical weakness
Too bad

We walked around in First World for the first day
And played in the theme park for the second day
We bought wristbands for all park
But we wasted the money as we didn't get to play the games in the theme park
Too many people queuing for those games

This is a visible proof
Disappointed a kid who was so wanted to play flying dragon
That's me

These situations were exceeded our expectation
Thus we decided to give up and we just shopped around in First World

A ghost from Haunted Adventure posed for me to take photo
He danced on top of the roof of the counter

Tired ghost

Huge candies

Cute one

As what I used to do
I bought something for me myself while shopping

A clothe from Cheetah that costs only RM39.90
Saved 20%

Two pairs of earrings that cost RM10
Their cuteness attracted me to buy them

I know I'm crazy for buying them in Genting
But I could tell that I believe my first sight

All about the couple

There is a Chocolate Wonderland at the outdoor theme park
It has replaced the forest-liked place that I have been entered for only once
Those decorations in it are cute

Weird posing

He is sitting on a box that is waiting to be sent to India
Ngek ngek

How good if it is a real one

Chocolate forest huh

I want to own a house like this
My dream house

It sells many kinds of Beryl's chocolate and this attracted me to step into it
Beyond doubt
I found the chocolate which I have been looking for so damn long
I was really excited and tadaa
I bought it

It costs RM22

We took some photos at the outdoor theme park for sure


I simply love this photo
He didn't pose or act when I captured

Preparing for the scary game

You look enjoy

View of the theme park and First World

The clown performing on the stage
He tried to make a fool of everyone
Fortunately we are clever

We didn't forget about food besides enjoying
We had our meals in time
This is important to maintain a healthy life
No more Marrybrown for this time

Our set lunch for the first day at Flavor

We had our dinner at McDonald
A place where we used to go whenever we travel to Genting
We ate McValue meals but we didn't take any photos because we were quite hungry

Our breakfast for the second day were just Gardenia bread with tuna
Checked in and checked out from one room to another wasted a lot of time

Lunch at Tong Loh Wan for the second day
Those foods are not hot at all but still acceptable
But the red bean ice is really EWWWWWWW
We had spent RM47.15 here * whoops *

At night
We had our dinner in our own room
We cooked curry Maggi mee in the kitchen
I finished a bowl of curry Maggi mee as soon as possible
And ate the medicine as my flu was getting serious

Breakfast for the third day was "toasted" breads
We used a pan to fry them but there's no any oil or butter
The breads were delicious even though they were burnt
No smelly smell

Our breads with the left tuna and egg without mayonnaise

It burst when it was being thrown into the boiled water
Right after it left the fridge

Three eggs left

Last meal at shanghai10
A meal that I have had with a weird feeling
As it means the trip has come to an end

The trip for this time is meaningful
Those posted photos and a blog post are still not enough to show my feelings
It's true
That's why I kept recalling everything about it

And yea
This is exactly what I meant in the previous post
They broke their promises

It made us closer
Both of me and you
I love you
Something that cannot be lacked of
Between us
I love you
Something that is unexplainable
Even both of us
I love you
Something that made me tears
When we're going to leave
I was loath
To leave away from you
When will be the time we meet
Nobody knows
I miss you and
I love you
You're the only one who I deeply love

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