26 December 2009

Our Anniversary

It is thundering and raining heavily right now
I'm quite afraid of thunder
How good if he's here staying together with me
Tooooooo bad

There's nothing for me to do for almost the whole day
Dear hasn't finish his job that was given by his dad
Thus I read peoples' blogs to avoid boredom
But sad one
Most of them were posting the sad cases that happened to their love relationships
Gosh I really hate to read those things
I may have influenced by that weih
But still
I didn't stop myself by reading their blog posts
Ah this is human being you know
Their blog posts didn't make me think of anything though
You have no need to worry

I thought of our 2nd anniversary babe
It is coming to an end and the 3rd one will be coming very soon
Is it a starter for our new journey
I'm looking forward to it
I don't need any special celebration it will be better if you plan it
What I want is just to be together with you for that day

And I'm always waiting for your bear bear

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