25 December 2009


The Christmas is coming to an end soon after a few hours
People are playing around with their love ones
To made new memories for themselves
But I stayed at home for the whole day
I stepped out from my house for once just to have dinner with my family

We don't celebrate Christmas at all
Daddy bought us Christmas presents when we're still young
Barbie doll was the best present for me at that time
Christmas morning was always the time that full of excitements
Everything changed when we started our secondary school life though
Teenagers usually ask for something expensive
Laptop and hand phone wooooooow
Thus no more Christmas presents from parents anymore
Or they'll bankrupt

That's why I'm always so waiting to hang out with my boy today
I have been looking forward for a very long time
Disappointments ended up everything without leaving any better memory
He has to help his dad there in the shop
I turned mad when I got such a bad news AGAIN
It has became a past tense though
I'm feeling better now

What a sad Christmas I have had
What a terrible sufferings I have had in the Christmas day
Oh I don't mean the hanging out case
My muscles are all in great pains after the Fitness exam
I can feel the pains when I laugh or take something that is just a little heavy
Should I put the blame on Fitness exam
Or should I put the blame on me myself for taking part in the exam

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