25 December 2009


I couldn't get to think anything to write about the proficiency course
But I have to complain the scout members
They used the different ways to test us
Some of them even treated us like we're all from a professional team
The muscles around both my armpits are damn painful because of pumping
Gengta's fault
Hopefully I can pass in those courses

It was a day for me to rush to everywhere
My laziness forced me to rush to my school for the examinations
Quite early in the morning
My dad came and picked me up at school
I then rushed to 1U after I bathed and changed my clothes
I sang again ngek ngek
Dad went to ZM's house to pick me up again thank you daddy
He fetched me to Metro Prima to meet the juniors and the old people
They're all having steamboat gathering
But I didn't eat at all
Went there for fun

I wonder why were there so many CH students in the restaurant
A gang from CHSJ and a gang from CHS
And some other different gangs
Someone from the scout team saw me and he looked extremely surprise
He said "Isn't she is Rui Hao's girlfriend?!"
I laughed like hell in my mind for his funny face expression
"Bye bye Rui Hao's girlfriend!" said by the Solo King
He shouldn't call me so loudly until all his friends looked at me

No point for this blog post right
Hell yea
I'm freaking tired and sleepy with full of disappointments

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