26 January 2010

Bad Creases

Most of the people know that I'm always trying to protect all my books as well as I can, because I hate using an ugly book with creases on it. But today, some of my books especially the self-edited books were destroyed by a friend of mine. I was stunned when I saw all the books dropped into the ditch but I couldn't get to safe them all as I wasn't very near to the ditch.


Agling went into the ditch and picked my books up to me, and I found that there are lots of creases appeared on them. The soil in the ditch left their traces on most of my books and I couldn't rub them all away! Damn! Stupid soil.

Besides, the file that my hubby lent me for so long has already burst due to the strong forces acting on it. ARGH!!!!!!! My pity little file that has been well-protected by me has burst and it's all out of my expectation. I stunned once again. Pieces in the ditch made me sad. :( I texted my hubby to apology for my failure to protect the file, but he said we can just buy a new one. I almost cry because of everything he said. Touching. :) I know I'm stupid for crying easily.

Don't worry people. I'm not going to blame anyone because I am suppose to be the one who was being so stupid. I shouldn't place my books in such a dangerous place. Don't worry Agling, you're not absolutely the wrong one.

Thanks Hubby for being so caring. I love you! :D

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