03 January 2010

Happy New Year

I had made the decision, that is, I'm not going to post anything about the camp although I had been typing for so long. I have my own reasons, kindly shut your mouth up before you ask me why. Thank you. By the way, I miss Bacardi Limón a lot. :) Well, I have been hanging out with some of my friends from CHSJ before and after the year 2009 ended. My boy came along with us too. All of them brought me a lot of great memories, which is really unforgettable. I sincerely thanks to all of you for the days. THANK YOU!!!

It was a last day of the year, also, it was a day that I have been looking forward for a very long time. I met my boy in Metro Prima's bus stop in the morning, around 11am. I was really excited as I haven't been meeting him since after our trip to Genting has ended. I missed him so much. We took Metro bus to Chow kit and then took monorail to Sungei Wang. The sun was freaking bright. Both of me and him were sweating all the time until we stepped into the monorail. Phew.

Dear has fixed an appointment with his mum to shop for some new clothes in Parkson. I was asked to act as his friend so that I can just stay beside him all along. We met aunt at somewhere nearby Factory Outlet Store and she said "Hello! Happy New Year!" once she saw me. The way she talked to me made my nervousness all gone. We had our lunch or brunch in Delifrance. I choose to eat traditional breakfast but dear didn't allow me to order that as he thought the breakfast set was too not enough to fill my stomach in the afternoon. So I decided to order egg d'vine sandwich but aunt said tuna d'licious is much delicious than that. Okayyy. At last I ate the same lunch set as aunt. Aha!

We then shopped in Parkson for a couple of time. Dear has finally got a purple-pink T-shirt. He has been looking for purple colour T-shirt for so long but his skin colour doesn't suit that. There's something happened between these times but it is not that easy to explain in words. So, skip it. After that, we went to look for dear's new shoes. We walked from here to there and then from there to here again. LOL. When we passed by somewhere-I-don't-know that sells a lot of shirts, aunt saw a purple colour T-shirt which looks not bad. She held it on her hand and said "This one suits you, hor?" to me. I was a bit shocked. I laughed for what she said, for no reason. XD Finally, dear found his shoes which branded New Balance. It looks as like as the shoes that he wore always before it spoiled. We dismissed after the shoes have bought.

I would like to say, thanks for the lunch or brunch aunt. :D

We shopped for a little while more before we headed to Sunway Pyramid. We went to Romp but the shorts that I have been wanted for so long has gone. T.T Fine. We took KTM to Subang Jaya and then took taxi to Sunway Pyramid. It costs us RM12! That was so damn expensive. There's actually a mini bus that transported people to Sunway Pyramid but we didn't know at all. We saw the mini bus but we didn't sure if it is the transport. It's all fine.

We shopped around in Sunway Pyramid to wait for the others to arrive. We took a few photos to avoid boredom. Haha. They have finally arrived, at 8 something. How late?! But I didn't regret to wait for that long. I spent my time together with dear while waiting, which was really sweet enough. I just simply love to shop with him. X) The hungry us had our dinner at Restaurant 3JC. Their foods are quite okay to be eaten, and they're not as expensive as the other restaurants over there such as Sushi King, Sakae Sushi and etc.

Our drink. I mean, I shared with my boy.

My seafood curry noodle. Not as spicy as how it looks.

The friends. LOVE Y'ALL!!!

The little boy is cute right? He didn't know what's happening until I asked him to face the camera. I really love his cuteness. How good if Nicholas doesn't appear in the photo. XD

We bought a lot of donuts from J.CO, which is really A LOT. I wonder which greedy girl or boy suggested buying that much. Hmmm. We ate those mini donuts just on the staircase as there were too many people waiting for the time to countdown. The place was crowded. We moved to another side and sat down at somewhere else to wait for the time to pass. To avoid boredom, we played the tempo game without lowering our voices. Our actions attracted the people around us, no matter they're Malay or Indian or Chinese. LOL! That was really funny but still, we didn't stop playing that because of the people. Nothing could change our happiness and joy! When it was almost 12am, everyone started to stand up and to stir for nothing.

Now do you know why did I mention "a lot" on the above?

I simply love this photo. Thanks Nicholas. :D

I love this too! We helped a couple to take photos and then we asked them to help us took this.

We saw a gang of gangster-liked Malay people wanted to fight with an Indian people, and they were just right behind Yew Chung. Well of course, we didn't know what happened at first. I saw a Malay guy kicked the Indian people, Nicholas said he kicked his private part. wtf I thought we could just stay away from that by standing a bit farer from them. I was wrong. Nicholas suddenly went in between both the Malays and the Indian to stop them. I was frightened by his action. All of us did! Yew Chung and I tried to stop him by pulling him and calling him back to us. Hey, the Malays were pointing Nicholas at that time mannn! Nicholas rejected by asking us to stop pulling him, though. We're all so nervous and didn't know what to do. What's coming up next? God knows. Fortunately, Nicholas could still come back to us safely, and we could still countdown together happily.

Dear brother, please don't do that ever again okay? :X

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, pheeeeeeewww BOOM!!! The fireworks lighten the darkness of the sky for about five minutes, made the sky so colourful. We wished all of the people a happy new year by shouting when the fireworks stopped. That was crazy! I truly deeply madly missed that moment. Heee! :P After that, we walked to the roadside to look for Yew Chung's dad's car and headed to Yew Chung's house.

This is exactly how does the house look like, from the outside. How big is it!

While I was in the house, I ran from the staircase to his room with full of excitements. Hahaha! That was one of the ways I used to show my happiness. We bathed, we watched TV, we played computer, we chatted in the living room, we drank champagne at the roadside, and we ate some snacks in the late night. All of us went to the bed together at 3 something.

We're drinking "champagne" - sour sparkling juice. :S

Goodbye 2009, I'm heading to a very new life. I love you! :D

It was a very first day of 2010. Hello!!! X) We had our breakfast – pork noodles together with Yew Chung's family in a restaurant. It was not bad but it would be better if there are no pork's internal organs inside the bowl. ewww We straight away headed to Sunway Pyramid AGAIN by Yew Chung's dad's car, except Wan Yi. She has to go back for meeting. It's too bad. :(

Waiting for breakfast.

We bought tickets for Avatar which was at 5:20pm because we were afraid if the seats are full later. Then, ice skating, we're coming!!!

We skated from 12 or 1 something to around 4pm. But I skated for only 2 hours as my legs were in great pains. I scared if I couldn't get back to my house. I was quite afraid of falling onto the freaking cold ice at first. I felt better when I skated for about two to three rounds with the help of dear and the armrest. I stopped skating after a little while more, and I sat in front of our lockers until everyone skated enough and wanted to leave.

We took this after skating.

We had our lunch in KFC, a very last decision after deciding the place to have our meal for quite a long time. Nicholas left us earlier to buy his "ma yin tong" for his coming performance which is on the same day. He said he needed a "ma yin tong" because he has to wear cheong sam for his performance and I ...

Yea!!! I stole his photo from Facebook and look! He's really PRETTY enough, eh? XDDD

It was almost in time, so we went to the cinema without buying any food or drink. Actually, I couldn't understand what was the movie talking about at first, and I fell asleep for a couple of minutes until dear woke me up. LOL! I was so stupid, I know. Fortunately I could finally understand the story. Haha.

Avatar. Hmmm. Beyond doubt, it was really a great movie. It brought messages to the humans, warning the humans to stop destroying the world. That's true. I was quite angry when I saw the people destroying the forest by anything they could do. I know it's just a movie. I just couldn't control my feelings. Sorry. And thanks to the director and the workers of the movie.

We took this before leaving. I really started to miss him right after he left. T.T

After watching movie, Yew Chung's dad picked us up and dropped us at KTM station. Thanks a lot uncle. We really brought a lot of troubles to the family. :X We took the first train to KL Sentral and then changed to another train that can reach Kepong. Yuan Lin and I were so damn stupid. We left the train when we reached Segambut as we thought that was Kepong KTM station. They're too alike. wth I made a call to my mum to tell her the fact and blah blah blah. Dad came and fetched me. I have started to be afraid.

I got into dad's car without calling him or whatever. I could feel his anger. Mannn! Why my mum wasn't there??? I was so helpless in such a condition. Nervous! There's another better way to go, but my dad went into a wrong way. Then, one of the tires of the car knocked something and burst. I didn't feel anything, though. Argh!!! Why am I so stupid?! I kept quiet all along. He stopped the car at the roadside to check. He looked for something else but I didn't know what he wanted to do. I even didn't know what he was looking for. Erm, I would like to skip the story by here. Sorry. Kindly ask me if you want to know, but better don't.

Okay. He was burned with fire. Guess what? He said I was troubling him. He said I disappointed him. He said I was crazy. Yea! He drove in anger for don't-know-what reason, until he broke the tire, and he put all the blames on ME!!! I wondered what my fault was. I'm still wondering about it until now. I left the train one station earlier because I couldn’t see anything from the train, and there was no one reporting. This is how lousy the KTM is! He doesn't know though. I did this unwillingly, I didn't want too! So what's my fault?! He scolded me without blaming anything on him. He said I was crazy for coming back late. So how were the others? I did this just only once but how about the others? They came home late all the time but he didn't put any blames on them!? So what's my fault?! What's my fault, DAD!!!!!!! Damn!!!

We didn't talk to each other, until now. I'm still mad of what he has done to me. He has broken all of my happiness. I ended up the happy day with tears. And dear, I'm so thankful to all you have done to me when I was depressing. Thank you. I love you. :)

Happy new year too all my dear readers!!! :D

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