24 January 2010

Schedule Full

I haven't been touching my homework at all. What can I do? :S

I went for undang course in Taman Sri Sinar early in the morning and came back at 4 something. What a boring course, but somehow it's a little funny. There are lots of Malays and Indians in the classroom. The teacher was talking with the Malays all the time. We heard "adik" for a lot of times, which is really irritating. Damn! The second part of the course was the most boring one, and I fell asleep during the course even though my hubby was there accompanying me by SMS.

I went out for lunch together with my family as we're too hungry and we could't wait until the dinner time. We then headed to Kepong Jusco to shop for my clothes after buying something at night market. Hell yeah! I started to feel upset because of my mum. I hate the way she used to treat me, but I keep quiet all the time because I'm trying to respect her. I can do nothing.

I have got nothing from Kepong Jusco, which I should have bought at least one. She didn't want to bother me at all. Fine. Hopefully she will not scold me at last.

I kept on uploading photos for the orientation party of ours once I reached home. I've done the uploading stuffs finally. Phew! :)

My mood is still that bad, however.

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