27 February 2010

Bibi and Pinky

I took this photo last night when I was suffering insomnia. I named them too! :) I named the bear as Bibi for no reason, and I named the piggy as Pinky as you know why.

He is the first gift of the Valentine's Day given by my boy, which was one of the surprises he created for me. He is not only a sign of my happiness, but he is a sign of my sadness. He witnessed the stupidity of my boy for doing such stupid stuffs to hurt me deeply. :( We're like quarreling and I have been crying like hell for about two days. Our love relationship was coming to a critical phase and I wanted him to pull out the love if he really wants us to separate. He was shocked for what I said and finally the problems were all solved. Yea, that's exactly the way Bibi safe our love relationship. I know it sounds funny and weird but you'll know if you're in a relationship later. Somehow I'll recall it but still, Bibi is so important in my life. He cheers me up whenever I feel depress. He used to do things at the right moment indeed. Thanks dear for giving me such a great surprise, and thanks Bibi for being my companion when dear is not beside me.

Beyond doubt, she was another surprise given by my boy. I found her in the Popular which was located in Mutiara Complex, Jalan Ipoh before it shut down. We didn't buy her because she is not really cheap and so, we went to visit her every day after school. The Popular was like somewhere for us to have her in its care. Whoops! OH NOOO! :X One day, he straight away came into my class with his school bag after arriving school early in the morning. He wanted me to close my eyes before he took something out from his bag. I was wondering what it was. After a few seconds, he placed a big fat thingy on my hand and ordered me to open my eyes. You can try to imagine my face expression when I first saw the cute little Pinky on my hands. That was a great surprise mannn! According to him, a staff sewed Pinky together with another pet toy and they wanted to sell both of them together. Dear pulled out the pet toy and placed it aside, and he paid for only Pinky. It was so touching but fortunately I didn't shed my tears. X) Hahaha! And now, she is our cute little fat daughter, Pinky! She is also important to me. She helps me to recall every sweet memory between me and him. I will never forget the day both of us sat together in the living room, holding Pinky in our hands, and got my preparations for the Undang test all done.

Thanks God for bestowing me such perfect presents in my life. I'll appreciate them for sure. :D

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