19 February 2010

Jenjarom Day

Whoops! Sorry my dear little blog for abandoning you for so long because I have nothing to tell recently. Hmmm. I thought we would have a nice and memorable gathering in Mentakab because everyone was there altogether, but I was wrong. Besides killing the mosquitoes, chatting with my lovely cousins and playing with the vegetables in the kitchen, I've nothing else to do. It's so different as compared to the Chinese New Year in the past. Fortunately I didn't kill by boredoms. Aha!

We left there one day earlier than the others to accompany my dad. But then everything seems still the same. We have our own plans and we couldn't manage to accompany dad every day. -_______-

Just only today, we hanged out together with dad for almost the whole day. We went to the Dong Zen FGS Temple in Jenjarom, which is very huge and nice. The weather is too bad, though. :( There is a book fair and so we went to have a look. I didn't regret to step into it as I found something that I have been looking for sooooooo long – "Sock Sewing In Danta's Classroom". Wow! I found two different books but with the same topic, and the problem appeared. Which one should I choose to buy? Finally, dad allowed me to buy both of them. Hoorayyy! Thanks daddy! X) Both of them cost me RM102.90, which mean really expensive. But, you have to know that these books are so damn hardly to be seen in the bookstores. I'll surely regret if I don't buy them today.

Tadaaa! I have planned something about the sock sewing stuff. :D Dear, just wait for the answer okay? I know you will do so. Mwah!


  1. 19th of february. :D i know you went there before me too.


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