25 February 2010

Recalled The Days

I don't know why. I just simply miss Genting Highland a lot. Every time when I'm reading people's blogs about their trip to Genting or when I'm viewing their photos, I'll recall everything that we have been through in Genting Highland last year.

As usual, I suffered a shitty great flu while the trip has not ended yet. Even the pill that I bought from pharmacy also didn't want to function at all. Damn! =.= I ate two different pills but with the same functions in a night and I finally felt better in the next morning. I've asked for my mum's permission to eat it for sure.

During the days, we didn't play many games as I couldn't stay in the crowd for too long, especially when we're lining up to play games. Dear was nursing a grievance because of such a weak person like me, I guess. He took care of me for the whole trip and he accompanied me to everywhere I would like to go without any complaint. Till now, I'm still feeling so sorry yet so thankful to him for lots of reasons. I have no idea what can I do to compensate everything he did to me.

Dear, thanks for taking care of me so well during the days. I will never forget the days because they're too memorable to me indeed, even though I fell sick. I love youuu! :D


  1. yalo....y d pill no use d....make u so suffer.....me oso xin tong....T.T

  2. dear. it's over so don't be like that anymore. i'll make myself stronger. although i know it's not easy. =\

  3. muakz......^^..i will take care u..:D


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