28 February 2010


He is my son. LOL! CHOI!!!!!!! XDDD He is the cutest yet naughtiest nephew of mine, Winson. His mum and dad used to call him Win Win, and his brother is Bin Bin. Cute right? Aha!

Well, this was the second time we met each other in our life, but he left a lot of sweet memories to me. Last Sunday, my family and I went to my cousin's house for the so-called "bai Tian Gong". As what the little boys love to do, he played remote control car and PS2 together with his brother, Jason in the house. They always fought but those scenes have been something for us to laugh and to joke. Haha! Yea, that's what the kids used to do.

I miss Winson rather than Jason anyway. Shhh! X)

It's time to sleep. I know it's too late. :X

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