28 March 2010

My Sunday

I'm back from hanging out with my family! But OUCH, my toes are quite painful right now even though I wore my sandals to hang around with them because of the friction. Garrr!

We had our delicious breakfast at Village Park Restaurant, Uptown, PJ at around 10am. The nasi lemak is highly recommended indeed. It is a must to try! :) As usual, I ate nasi lemak ayam. Both of my eldest and my youngest brother ate that as well. My mum ate nasi dagang, and my younger brother ate Malay mixed rice that costs RM9.40. You may try to imagine how full his plate was. LOL!

We went to Sunway Pyramid after that because my mum wanted to clear the payment for U Mobile. We didn't use it but we have to pay for that. Everything told us that we have been cheated by the shitty promoter. Ish! After that, we hang around in Jusco. Mum bought nothing but the guys bought their singlet and T-shirts with 100% cottons. After they paid the money at the counter, they wanted to leave, and I have no chance to take a look for what I was looking for. I swear that I will not want to hang out with the guys ever again.

After all, we had Lan Je's steamed tilapia fish in Kota Damansara, PJ as our lunch. But too bad, I ate only a small piece of the tilapia fish as I was still full. Hey, it was just 2pm weih! -_______- I wanted to borrow the key from my brother so that I could drive around the parking lot to avoid boredom, but he didn't want to borrow. Hahaha! Alright, I know what he's exactly worried about. He wants a Toyota Vios but not an abnormal MyV. That's a kind of sarcasm, I know, but I've used to it. Teeheee! Please ignore the crap. :X

The driver wanted to take a look at Stadium Bukit Kiara for the final of a badminton competition. Hence, we agreed to go there but in the end, he dropped my mum, my younger brother and me off at The Curve as my mum wanted to buy something at Daiso Japan, somewhere like a huge grocery store but everything there is cute yet useful. I bought a cylinder gap as a container for the facial cottons. I wanted to buy the pink colour one but the only one was scraped by someone else. :( Hence, I decided to buy the one without colour, which is the simplest and the nicest among all. After my mum paid at the counter, we went to the Factory Outlet Store (FOS) to look for my long jeans. Tadaaa! I got one DKNY's blue jeans which costs only RM45. This is one of the benefits you can get when you buy something at those similar shops such as Reject Shop, FOS and et cetera. While we're waiting for the driver, we bought a bottle of mineral water which costs RM2.50, and a bottle of sparkling raspberry juice at Me Love Candy, somewhere near the main entrance of The Curve. I felt release when I drank the cold, sweet juice. Yummy! Aha! We went back home after all.

In the evening, at around 6:45pm, my eldest brother fetched my mum and me to the night market to buy our dinner. Once we got down from the car, the rain started to fall on the ground. We're like rushing here and there just to avoid ourselves from getting wet in the rain that might be turning heavy. We simply bought something that could be eaten and we ran back to the bread stall to look for some cakes. Once my mum paid for the breads and the cheese cakes, the rain fell heavily. OMG! We ran to the entrance to meet my brother and yea, we really RAN! D: We got wet in the end.

So yah! These are all for my Sunday, which is quite a tiring day for me but I enjoyed the day. I hope you too. For those from CH, kindly cheer for your standardize test. There're just two more days to go. Cheer cheer cheer!!! Heee! :D

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