18 April 2010

Applying For My New School

I have done filling the application form that I got from the counselor yesterday and now I'm waiting to prepare some copies of the documents such as SPM results paper, IC, and others. I'm going to apply for the French diploma in tourism management in Taylor's University College. Yea, that will be my new school then.

I can start schooling on 21st of April, but too bad that I will be having my driving test right on that day. Other than that, the hostel in the new campus has not done renovating yet. Both my parents and I preferred 21st of July to 21st of April because we thought that that might be more convenient. :) Staying in the hostel in the new campus avoid me from waiting for the shuttle bus every morning, which may waste my sleeping time. Hahaha!

The total fee of the programme is RM38560, which I'm not sure whether it is considered as cheap or expensive. What do you think? :|

Hmmm, that's all for this blog post I guess.

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