12 April 2010

I Have Had A Sweetest Day Ever

I have had a great, sweet day together with my love one yesterday. I will never forget everything we have done for the whole day, even though my legs were pain after all. Heee! I appreciate it a lot indeed.

As usual, he came to my house to bring me out early in the morning. But too bad that I was too late to get me myself ready, and so we have to sit in the living room until I finished the pear that was prepared by my mum. Honestly, I don't really like to eat pear. I forced him to help me but he didn't really want to. Through his reactions, I knew he was telling me that that's for my own good. In the end, he took only a mouthful of my pear to show how helpful he is. Gahhh! He kept on hastening me so that we could reach our main destination earlier.

Our first destination was the trains. While we were on the way to the Kepong KTM Station, I met my youngest brother in the park. As usual, he told me something about the rubbish again, and the news was really astonished me. I wonder what will be my mum's reaction since my youngest brother has already told her all about it. Teeheee! After saying goodbye to the cute yet naughty little boy, we continued our journey to the station. OMG! The weather was freaking hot mannn! :S Both of us were bathed in sweat when we reached the station. The train did not disappoint us today, which made us happy as we could finally enjoy the cool air in the train. Let's say goodbye to the hot air. Woohooo! Hahaha!

We passed by Segambut, Putra, Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur, and we said hello to KL Central! Wheeeeeee! There's no cool air at all, though. We went to look for the Kelana Jaya Line, which is formerly known as Putra Line. Yay! We found it! We stepped into the train soon after we waited for a few minutes on the platform. The cold air in the train comforted me from the suffering. I didn't type anything wrongly. The air in the train was really COLD.

In the train, we passed by Pasar Seni, Masjid Jamek, Dang Wangi, Kampung Baru and you know what is the fifth station from KL Central. Yes! It is KLCC! It was my very first time going there by trains, and I found that it was not really fun because I rather go by a car. I'm so waiting for the day. Heee!

In KLCC, we looked for a place for us to have our breakfast, but I have no idea where should we have our breakfast at. In the end, we choose to have it in KFC. I ordered a snack plate, and he ordered a dinner plate. When I was eating the fried chicken, I found it too oily but I was forced to finish them. Fortunately I did not vomit after eating the oils. Ewww! After that, we hanged around in the shopping mall to look for something that we're interested in. I found that the shops in KLCC are too high class until I didn't dare to walk into them for no reason. Haha! In the end, I've bought a pair of socks from Sox World, and we went back home without buying any other thing. What a waste! But I gained a lot of sweet memories together with my boy.

We went back home with the same way, but with different trains. The situation in the trains around that time is always so much crowded as compared to that of in the morning. I hate the brainless people! Ish! He is always being so protective and sweet to try his best for not allowing the people to touch me. Thanks a lot, my dear. :D

He stayed in my house together with me and my family, and we chatted a lot while we're using Facebook. All of a sudden, I received a call from my dear junior, Yap Jia Yi, and she told me a great news that made me difficult to believe it. She said that our NC team won the overall championship in the state competition. I didn't believe it at all until I heard what Sherlyn told me on the phone. I was so happy to get the news from them. I was so surprised. They have won the home nursing championship, a runner-up for short case, and they are the best team among all! My dearest girl, Cadet Lim Sheau Yun was the best leader among all as well. In conclusion, overall championship belongs to the girls!!! Congratulations and well done, my dears. I promised that I will treat you girls a meal each. Good luck and cheer for the coming national competition. Never give up working hard in everything!!! While I was talking on the phone with them happily, the one who was sitting beside me shared the happiness together with me for sure. Thanks hubby.

At around 6:45pm, we walked to the night market near my house for nothing. We walked around in the night market, and I bought a new shirt for my phone. Yeah! Other than that, we bought something delicious to be eaten even though we're still not hungry at all. Greedy us! X) I met Yap Shung, and I was glad that he could still remember me. LOL! Please ignore me. :X After that, we went back home, and he said goodbye to me and everyone in my house. :( I will miss you, my dear.

As what I said just now, it was my very first time going KLCC by trains. Besides, it was our very first time winning an overall champion in state competition, which made the seniors felt proud of them. Also, it was my very first time walking in the night market together with my hubby. Everything went well, and it created sweet memories for me in the meantime. Those who made miracles would be much appreciated. I love youuu!

Dear, I'm so thankful to you for giving me such a sweet day. Let's take care ourselves well, alright? I love you!

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