24 June 2010

The Buffet Brunch with Jokes

We had our buffet brunch, which should be buffet lunch at De Pastry Chef Cake and Café at Bandar Menjalara in the noon. The foods served were not as delicious as expected since some of them were too spicy but still, they were all acceptable.

While enjoying their foods and drinks, we had a lot of jokes. We used to say that momma told us not to talk while eating, but momma joined our jokes as well. Hehehe! X)

One of the jokes was that my youngest brother, QQ took quite a long time to take the ice-cream from the ice-cream freezer. Momma asked my eldest brother, JJ, what QQ was doing there. JJ said QQ might be powerless because the ice-cream was freeze. Soon, QQ turned around and walked towards our table, and I saw him holding a bowl with full of chocolate ice-cream, which was really FUUULLLLLLL. Every one of us saw that. We thought of the same thing and it turned out became a belly laugh joke. Do you know what I mean by the "same thing"? Try imagining that. I know the way I described is not funny but I bet you would laugh your ass off if you were there.

Spot the bowl? Don't you think it looks alike? XDDD

Please read the following story if you would like to know what it is.

Besides, there was another joke about the photo above. Can you see the not-so-cute thingy? It was made with sugar. It was placed on top of a slice of cake, and momma took it down and put it on the plate (as you can see in the photo). QQ came and guess what he did. He used a spoon and knocked onto the thingy's head, and both the ears dropped onto the plate. LOL! We couldn't stop laughing at him for his stupid yet funny action. Then, another brother of mine (I have forgotten if it was my eldest brother of my younger brother) took another spoon and knocked onto the thingy's head again, and the eyes dropped. We laughed like hell indeed! We continued knocking onto the thingy's top and the pitiful thingy broken into pieces. XDDD QQ tried very hard to fix the eyes back but we kept on disturbing him by drenching some melted ice-cream on top of the thingy and the story goes on will laughs. Never did I think that we were all so cruel. HAHAHA! That was fun, though.

The buffet brunch ended up with full of happiness. GREAT! :)

P/S: I know this blog post sounds so wrong but I don't know why I'm not in the mood of blogging. Hehe!

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