01 December 2010

Happy 1000th day! ♥

Like finally, it's our 1000th day! :DDD We're not going to anywhere; we're not going to meet on this day because we're still having classes; and so, he created this private group for only me on Facebook with this picture specially decorated by him as the profile picture of the group.

The drawing doesn't seem nice but still, I stunned and I cried madly. God knows why.


Happy 1000th day, Badman! :DDD I love you! 



  1. Woots slurpy kiss :P Nice shot btw, I always suck in taking these kind of shots ):

  2. Hilda: Thank you! Um, I actually used self-timer to take this photo, so for sure I did adjust correctly before that. :)

    Jiashin: Thanks! :D

  3. Yea, a sweet couple.
    Congratulation to you both! Hope you both remains as sweet as now forever!

  4. Thanks all for the comment! :D Especially Chris! :DDD


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