20 December 2010

To move or not to move?


Truth to be told, I used to dislike my hostel life but just recently, I've started to love it so much since we started hanging out at somewhere around the campus such as Starbucks and the old and new food courts just for the sake of studying, or around this Subang area by their cars during the late midnight. Nonetheless, I just realized that I'm forced to start thinking of a way to get an accommodation before checking out from the hostel by January 2011 due to the internship that is taking up three months time to be completed. My thinking tells me that I will never be allowed to waste almost RM3000 throughout the period. I will never want to be such a bad daughter, for your information. A car would solve everything but, if and only if my dad thinks it's fine to buy me one.

Tell me, what I'm supposed to do? :'(



  1. I heard taylor's increasing the hostel fee kan? Why not consider moving out, that helps a lot in cutting cost =P
    Why saw me but didnt call me in taylor's? Lol

  2. Ya, but where I'm supposed to move to? That's the problem. :\

    Hehehe! I'm sorry, but I was so shy lah. >.<


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