17 May 2015

Laos Coffee at Rocky Café, Malacca

People should definitely stop addressing me as “Jia” when I always state clearly that I am “Jia Min”. “Jia Min” is my name. That’s my given name. “Jiamin” is fine too if this is what you prefer. How many times do I need to repeat the same thing over and over again? It’s extremely disrespectful, I swear, especially when I have corrected you properly. I’ll repeat again; stop addressing me as “Jia” or “Jay”, because my name is Jia Min. Stop being ignorant and show some manners!


UPDATE: Rocky Café can no longer be seen by the seaside.

If you happen to drop by Malacca and are looking for a good place to chill with a cup of coffee, Rocky Café is where you might not want to miss. Practically, it is a mobile coffee shop that travels in a uniquely designed black beetle car, and it claims to specialize in Laos coffee. It does not have any fixed business hours and locations, but it can be easily spotted by the seaside near Taman Kota Laksamana during night times. Here is my first and the only experience to date, on my birthday, together with Don, Darren, and Mandy. It was a surprise visit from them!

Along the dimly lit road was a little unusual-looking car with bright light on by the seaside and surrounded by people. With its exaggerated exterior, one’s attention will be easily caught. We stumbled upon this “coffee shop” while I was squeezing my brain juice to decide on a good place to kill time, so we pulled our car off the road for something rather extraordinary.

Rocky Café is so small in size, but completed with coffee making equipment, very limited number of ridiculously small stools (yet another advantage of being a shorty like me), and a mini table filled with plenty of cup noodles for the hungry people. Pick your coffee and grab a stool for yourself as you wait for your coffee to be served, and indulge in the sound of ocean waves crashing into the rocky shore. It was so soothing and enjoyable, albeit lacking some natural sea breeze.

It could have been better, though, if the group of people fishing nearby could be more considerate and turn down their music. I mean, who in their right mind would hold a loud party while fishing?

Don and I shared a cup of Kopi Bing Laos, which was Iced Laos Coffee in Malay, at RM 4.00. Frankly, I would prefer my cup of coffee to be much, much, much stronger than what I had. Like what Stephanie said, I should have gone for one without ice instead for its original taste, because the ice might have diluted the coffee. Maybe next time!

This little “coffee shop” may not serve the best coffee in town; it certainly has one of the best dining environments that no other cafés can offer but nature. Care less about the uproars caused by the speeding cars. After all, it is a place that provides its customers with some of the most interesting coffee experiences that you can hardly get elsewhere. Here, I am referring to when it is by the seaside near Taman Kota Laksamana.

Good luck locating this mobile Rocky Café!

Rocky Café
No fixed location, often spotted by the seaside near Taman Kota Laksamana.
Facebook: Rocky Cafe
Business Hours: No fixed business hours


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