22 September 2009

I dislike it
But I love it

I dislike being in your embrace
But I love it
It makes me feel warm
It comforts me
It forces my tears flow out from my eyes
And stops it when I feel tired
It makes me calm down when I get frighten
It helps me a lot

I dislike everything of you
But I love them

I hate it when you hurt me
My heart
Made with glasses
Accidentally broke when I viewed the photos
Until now
I still don't know why you did that
Not willing to ask anything about it though
I know
You didn't do it on purpose
But still
You hurt me very deep
You knew it
I can feel that you are trying your very best to compensate

I guess
You would never know how the feeling that happened on me was
I forgave you
Just because I love you and I want you
But the wound will not recover until the time come

You lost a friend like her because of me
But you understood
I know

My dear
And I'm sorry

The darkness of the sky makes me emo
Recalled a lot of sadness
This is why I hate being alone at night

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