21 September 2009

Port Dickson

Just back from Port Dickson today
3 days 2 nights in a very nice bungalow
It's fun enough
Beach in Port Dickson is quite dirty
Everyone knew that
This is why we almost spent our time in the swimming pool
Fun though
But my head was so pity
Hit by volleyball and a board
So damn painful

At night
We didn't have any sweet dream
2 persons slept in a single bed
Really uncomfortable but we have no choice
The two nights are gone and I'm back to my own lovely bed
I decided to sleep earlier tonight

Before we go to bed
For the first night
ZM and I talked so much about us
I almost cry
But I used to stop it at that moment
It's okay
I will be fine very soon
Thanks ZM for that night
For the second night
Me and some other cousins sat together and chatted a lot about Facebook
Especially those funny videos
We chatted until the midnight
Tired but memorable

This is really a memorable trip although we just stayed at home for the whole day
But we had lots of fun
Played until very tired but I smiled in dreams
I'm looking forward for another new trip soon or later

Take care

* photos will be upload on Facebook soon but not here ^^


  1. yor~ so good hoilday went to port dickson
    why pic could only update at facebook no upload at blogger ==

  2. haha
    because i haven't put those photos into computer when i was blogging


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