18 September 2009


It was the first time I ponteng together with dear
Mum allowed
We went to Mid Valley for the whole day
He came to my house early in the morning
Brought me to mamak stall which is nearby my house for breakfast
Went to Mid Valley by KTM after that
Started shopping and we almost strolled the fashion shops
Got to know more about dear's favorite's clothes
Watched movie at 1:45pm

A movie which recorded almost all the incidents which happened in the earth few years ago
Recorded at Haeundae
But the movie was just as like as real one
It told people how tsunami happens
And the way it killed people within 10 minutes
The movie was a bit boring but the another half part made me felt interested
I got frightened when I saw those people got killed
The electric leak killed everyone which couldn't survive the "flood"
A little girl saw her parents being carried away by the tsunami
And some other parts which are unforgettable
I shed my tears in dear's embrace for few times because of these * it was the first time i shed my tears because i got frightened >.< *

We shopped for the other shops after movie
And went back home around 5pm
Missed two trains

I finally understood why people always call them with a name like that
A woman accidentally hooked my dress and so I looked at her
Guess what
She stared at me
Her fault but stared at me first
In the train
It was crowded like sardine
Two mans placed their hand on my buttock * there were still some spaces for their hands *
And I pushed their hands away angrily
They didn't realize though
A woman around 25 years old sat down with an accusable face
Stared at people around her included me
What kind of face was that
Those people I mentioned above were of the same race
So damn fu*king
I truly hate them so much and felt like want to show them my "international finger"
I didn't do so though
I don't want to spoil my image just because of those DOGS
What the BITCH

* please allow me to post those words here because there are no way for me to let off my anger =]

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