16 September 2009


I've finally survived the scary trial exam
Oh yeah
Plan to ponteng together with dear tomorrow
We have nothing to do at school
Do you wish to waste your time on napping everyday
So damn boring weih
As one of the aim of mine
Life must be colourful

My plans for the time after trial exam
And also before the SPM comes

Clean away all the rubbishes in my messy room * I always need to do such kind of thing after exams *

Tidy up everything and think about the way to place everything in my room
I'm looking for a new table which is use to do my homework
And to online * an old laptop or dad's new laptop will be placing in my room soon ^^ *

Complete all the DIY stuffs

Study bit by bit but not all in once * I'm not a supergirl *

These all are main ones
But anyhow
I wish I could finish everything that I wish to do as soon as possible
Especially my room
I'm so excited to welcome the new member to stay in my room
No matter it is old or new

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