14 September 2009


Then a...do exercise and try understand them...most cheap way...just think about it...last few exams...just pay more effort...you wont regret...ha ha

This is what Kennard used to cheer me up when I was facing problems on Biology
A guy who is one year elder than me * he is much better than my brother XP *
I started to confuse everything of Biology
I couldn't know what it is talking about
And so I didn't know where I should start
Confusing and so damn blurrrrrrr
I asked him for help because his Biology is not bad
Beside him
I don't know who else is good in Biology
Maybe it's because he is just sitting beside me in my class
His message for me is much appreciate
Thanks a lot DAI LOU
In addition
I call him DAI LOU is just because he always likes to keep my notes for YEARS
Duh * shhhhhhh *

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