28 September 2009

CHSJ - the sad one

This should be post earlier last Saturday or yesterday but I know I'm late. Dad didn't allow me to use the computer and also, I didn't want to use it with him nearby me. NO WAY! Back to the topic.

The farewell party had just over and it was quite boring. We didn't enjoy ourselves? Lacked of attendance made us felt boring? I don't think so. I don't really know it but this isn't that important. Almost the end of the party, members passed the mike to those who wanted to talk, one by one. None of us shed our tear because the situation was too "cold" and most of them were talking with their own friends but didn't pay attention to the people who were giving speech. Sherlyn must take note. LOL!

Alright. That's all for the nonsense. XD And it's now time for me to say something to those who have been cooperated with me within this year. Please do not feel sad if I never mention your name because it's impossible for me to type everyone's name out here. Why did I keep quiet during the party? Ummm. I'm sorry but my voice.. You know. Damn horrible because of flu and cough. Sorry.

My recruits, no one had stand by and talk anything to me, just after I showed my disappointment to them and then only I got an extremely simple one. A little touched. What I hoped is to hear their sounds and how am I to them. None. Tears rolled in my eyes again and again while we were taking photos. Forced smile of me appeared in the photo. I'm sorry. Heart is full of sadness. I wish what Sherlyn said is true; you committees stopped them for giving speech to me because the time was limited. Ha. A forced smile. Again.

Felt like being forgotten by everyone in CHSJ. It's such a sadness man! How much I paid for it, I won't mind, but at least don't forget me please. None of the Form 5's louyes can remember me, even though I wasn't sitting together with them. Who am I in the society? Don't know. Someone being abandon? Maybe. Ha! Ha! Ha! A forced smile, AGAIN!!! What I can say is, fine..

Louyes * botak Cochrane is not included *
I actually don't know what to say to you guys because of some reasons. Sorry. Anyhow, I would like to mention Ting and Hao Che who have been being my "nai ma" and "nai ba" respectively in the past years. Funny to hear that Ting is my "nai ma" but I have forgotten why I called him with such kind of name that is unsuited to him. They truly helped me a lot within this year, the time when I was still an RIC. Thank you to both of you.

Ken - the very quiet one * ZM wanted to pinch one XP *
I don't really know much about you but I knew you are extremely quiet especially during the society time. Maybe this can be seen only in front of me. I would be very sad if this is true. =[ Anyway, you are a good boy although you are naughty sometimes, but at least you never make noise during class. Ngek ngek.

Way Sun – the 38 one
Don't you think you are 38? XP It's true! Please do not forget the time when Xuan went to your house and both of you kept calling me or sending nudge to me on MSN. Remember that? OMG. I did enjoy the fun time though. Also, the holiday made us closer. You became more and more 38 since that time! Muahaha.. Keep it up my dear.

Wei Jian – the bully me one
Oh. You think you are so innocent because I described you in that way, are you? You are absolutely wrong! The one who is the most innocent should be me. You always like to talk something nonsense to me every time you met me at school and of course the nonsense thing must be about me. Bad boy. Your note is good enough and you have got full marks on it. That's why I always forgive you without saying anything. ==" Seriously, boy, please do not shed your tears easily before you try your best to do something else. =]

Wei Qi – the prettiest one
Your brother said you look pretty because he is handsome. Hmmm. I think I need to consider about it. Do you know why? LOL! For first aid, you need to improve yourself, A LOT!!! For the foot drilling, you are quite okay and just need some practices. Wish to see your good results later. Cheer ya my dear. Besides, you are just as like as Way Sun because you are a bit 38. X] Way Sun is much horrible than you though. Shhh..

Xiang Ting – the smallest size one
I was thinking of the way I should describe you and then I suddenly found that you are smaller than Yi En in size. Haha. However, you are really quiet but you look cute when you smile or laugh or play around with the others. Try to make yourself more active in CHSJ. There is still a long journey for you to go. Cheer!

An Yee – the most difficult name in writing
I always can't remember the way to write your name weih. Do you know why? This is because you are inactive in CHSJ! LOL! I know I'm talking nonsense but it isn't useless. Just as same as Xiang Ting, you need to make yourself more active in CHSJ but not hiding somewhere we couldn't see. ^0^

Kimberly – the beautiful smiling
I like the way you smile because it looks beautiful. Hmmm. I actually not very close with you and we seldom talk to each other. Anyway, just go ahead for what you want. ^^

Yu Xian – the another pretty one
Erm. Ummm. Uhhh. You always absent. Muahaha. This is only the one thing I can say. Sometimes you are quite active but sometimes you are not. I don't know why and also don't wish to know why, but I wish to see your better result later.

Lik Key – the extremely soft and plush one
"Aiyo!" This is my very first reaction when I see you in anywhere. You are a boy. You shouldn't be that soft and plush weih. You need to improve yourself. Okay? =\

Joseph – the naughty one
Naughty boy! Always don't pay fully attention to anyone! Must be good especially during society time weih. You know, I always think that why did you join CHSJ. I truly wish to get your answer because I'm really curious about it. Ha.

Yi En – the hyperactive one
Adui. How can you be so noisy no matter when and where you are? No matter what, you are really cute enough and gave us a lot of happiness. I would like to thanks you for everything. As a reminder, please do well in your coming BFA exam and the foot drilling competition. I'm looking forward for your good result my dear. Try your best, okay?

Xiao Xuan – the tallest girl
You are as 38 as Way Sun you know?! LOL! What I want to say is just as same as Way Sun, kindly refers to Way Sun's. ^^

Jia Qi – can't even think the way to describe ^^"
I need to thank you a lot for those things you have given to me. All of them are simple but meaningful for me because they are all from my recruit. Anyway I'm really surprise for the way you treat me, it is just simply nice and sweet. Thanks!

Jun Ye – the extremely naughty one
What I can say is just hoping to see a better Jun Ye in the future. You are the only one who makes me angry always but laugh with your funny actions. Haiyo!

Zhi Wei - ...
I've nothing to say about you. Anyway, just cheer in anything.

You Yi – the extremely soft one
You are so much different as compared to your sticky brother. LOL! However, I'm proud to have a recruit like you because you are a great learner although you are shy sometimes. Keep it up! :)

Min Li – the most special sound
You are a bit naughty sometimes but still a good recruit and your sound is really special enough. I will not forget a recruit like you no matter what. Ha.

Joel – the one don't really know about
You are just like a free girl who always likes to attend the society according to your feeling huh. Ha. I don't really know much about you weih. :( Sorry.

Rathchanary – the "geng" one
You scored the highest mark among all the recruits and this is why I said you are the "geng" one. LOL! You still have spaces to improve though. Keep it up girl. Your PMR and UEC is coming soon. Cheer ya!

Jo Ee – sometimes cool but sometimes funny
Your result isn't bad but you still have lots of spaces to improve. Just as same as Rathchanary, keep it up and try your best in the coming PMR and UEC. Well of course, don't neglect your coming BFA! Ha!

Carmen – the highest calling rate in my hp among all the recruits
Don't you think I'm right? You are the only one who calls me no matter what problem you're facing, about CHSJ. Haha. I will never mind of it, so just don't worry about it. X] I'm just hoping to see your good result in your coming BFA because I think you are not bad in first aid.

Siew Zhuan – the ex-recruit
You needed to quit because you have another of your own stuff to deal with. It's okay although you will not going to attend the BFA exam. Well, just don't neglect our coming SPM. Cheer!

Dear all recruits, you guys brought a lot of happiness to me although I shed my tears and have been unhappy for sometimes. But still, I love you all until forever and this is unforgettable, just don't ask me about your name after N years when you met me somewhere. LOL! Thanks for all my dears. I bet most of you can be the best of the best in the future, am I right? Try your very best in the coming BFA on 1st of November, don't make me disappoint anymore. =D I LOVE YOU! ♥ Yep! I'm almost screaming in my heart.

Chi Kang – the helpful one
Thanks for helping me a lot within this year and sorry because I was troubling you always. Ha. However, you are still a very good and helpful friend for me. Thanks you very muchie!

Weng Hoong – the botak
I seemed troubled you all the time within the first half of the year. Thanks a lot for everything you have told me and also thanks for your helps. A very good and kind but sometimes fierce ex-vice MIC. LOL! Thanks for all.

Valerie – the kindest ex-MIC
You too. I'm really thankful to you for all your help within the time when we were still in the committee board. You are too kind to all of us but you brought all the members to a better way. Let's wait to see the best CHSJ in the future!

I think these are all I can think and sorry if I missed out anyone of you as my time is limited. WOW! This is the longest and the most different blog I've ever typed in my life man. LOL! For the last part of this post, I truly wish to see my dear recruits grow very well in mind and be good in CHSJ. Well of course, stay in CHSJ until the end of your secondary school's life is always the best. Ha! Just never regret in any of your decision.

This post is finally come to a conclusion. Although I'm not sure whether I'm going to leave school next year or continue until I finish my study in Form 6, but I'm here to wish everyone good luck in your CHSJ life and CHEEEEEEER all the time!!!

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