25 September 2009

Welcome Back

Today's last period
It was actually English period but Chemistry teacher came into our class
Oh man
That's already the third Chemistry period for today
Then you know
Most of us have the same reaction in our heart
Only some of them showed it out

Ms. Tam appeared outside of our classroom
Her appearance was greatly surprised us and so
Chemistry period changed back to English period * wohooo XP *
She looks much younger than before after changing her spectacles to pink
And also her clothes for pregnant women which made her look older
Another Ms. Tam appeared in front of us

Welcome back to 5 S Xin Ms. Tam
Wish to see your little baby
Ngek ngek

Well of course
The teacher who took the place of Ms. Tam when she was giving birth to her baby
Madam what * I really don't know *
She is still our English teacher anyhow
Also a very good one

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