03 September 2009


The last post will not be the last post anymore
I appear on my blog once again during trial exam
First of all
I would like to complain something here although school would not know

All students at school surely known that we Form 5 and Form 6 students are having trial exam
Teachers must have to know too
But why those teachers still like to speak as loud as a loud speaker when teaching
Especially Form 4 teachers * not all *
Ya I know they must continue teaching even though they will disturb us
But can't they just speak softly during their classes
Can't they just respect the exam students for only one month

The sound "shhh" can be heard during every exam because of those "loud speakers"
How many times did I heard the sound
I guess it is uncountable
Who made the sounds
We Form 5 students of course
Beside answering those questions in the exam papers
We also need to "remind" them to speak softly often
How BUSY are we huh

Most of the students did something as same as their teachers too
Can't they just walk to the place they want to go quietly
Still so talkative even though they have being reminded to keep quiet

I wondering why teachers always want us to respect them
I would just respect those who respect the students though
But not using the sentence "because I am your teacher" to any of the students

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