01 September 2009

Last Post Before Trial Exam T.T

SPM trial exam is coming on tomorrow
But I'm still sitting in front of computer and blogging as usual
What's going on and why I have never thought to study hard to score higher marks
You are absolutely wrong
I am just "resting" to apply my energies to the real SPM
I am gathering all my energies
Do you think it's too late for me to do so
I would still work hard on SPM trial exam though
Don't worry
I could not score any of the subjects with less than 50% in my report book anymore
Average mark would not be less than 60 ANYMORE
But I think
Biology would be the lowest mark among all the subjects
Am I suitable to be a doctor or a nurse
I'm tired of study and trying to look for something simple
I'm thinking
Is this because study is not suitable for me

BM on tomorrow
I am quite confident in it beside komsas and novel part
Will study after blogging
I am actually looking forward to Additional Mathematics as I am confident in this subject too

Do never give up in any subjects especially in SPM
5 S Xin and all my buddies
Cheer ya

* I guess I will not online until the end of half part of this trial exam (next Monday @@)

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