31 August 2009

Innocent Case

Daddy always likes to go to the casino at Genting Highland
But I hate it very much as I would be nothing to do in that few hours
I rather to spend my time at internet café which cost RM10 per hour

About a few months ago
Dad fetched us to Genting again
Before that he had booked a room at Ria Apartment
Just in case we want to stay for one night
Before going he promised me that he will fetch us back to KL after having dinner at Gohtong Jaya
And then he only goes to casino alone
But then after dinner
He drove to Ria Apartment for defecation
He told me that he would just go to the casino for A WHILE
That means a few hours until midnight
And he asked me whether I want to stay at Ria Apartment to wait or not
I said I want to go back home
Then he got mad and started talking something nonsense and hurt me
Without thinking of our safety
He speeded along the way back to my house
So damn danger but he did not want to care any

I shed my tears quietly because I was really innocent
He broke his promise but he blamed everything on me
What the hell
I called dear once I locked myself in my room and told him everything
Shed my tears non-stop
My pillow was wet

I thought daddy has known his fault but he NEVER
Today at uncle's house
He told my relatives about his stories in casino
And he blamed me once again
I was going to cry but I've stopped my tears from flowing out from my eyes
He broke his promise always and always but he kept on blaming on me
There's no need to make such hurtful remarks
But he did always
Today was not the first time

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