12 September 2009

A Very New Experience

Another post about today
But this is another case
It is a surprising day today
How to say

I usually went out from school with dear's mum's car on Saturday
Today is not an exception
After we got into the car
She drove us to Uma Rani
She turned back to me and said
I was so surprised and I said yes

In the restaurant
I kept quiet almost all the time because I'm weak in Cantonese
Dear's mum doesn't know how to speak Chinese
When I was concentrated on my food
She asked dear something with a very soft voice but I could still heard it
She asked him
Why am I so quiet
Fortunately dear knew that I'm not really know how to speak Cantonese

She drove me back to the bus stop after meal
So damn nervous weih
First time I sat together with dear's mum and ate together
This is a good experience though
Isn't it


  1. wootz.. meal with future mother in law!!
    juz say sth ma..like..
    " auntie lei hou ma? sek fan la sek fan la.."

  2. That time I was too shy and nervous
    And I'm lack of experience in Cantonese speaking
    I think I really need more "training" to improve
    Wish it can help me on it


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