12 September 2009

Education Fair

I've been to the education fair which held at school
Took lots of papers and information about some courses
And I think I would be studying culinary arts and bakery
Is this suitable for me
I don't know
I have never tried to bake anything before
But I truly have a great interest in it

I am actually considering about 3 courses
Culinary arts and bakery is the first
I love baking cakes or cookies or something like that
And love decorating them although I’m not good in decorating
At least I can try
Daddy wish to have a café or a restaurant of our own
He hope that we could help him in this

Hospitality management
This is just because I like to enjoy those designs of hotel rooms
Sounds funny and stupid right

Fashion design
I'm not good in designing though
But dear told me that I should have to try if I'm really interested in it

What am I going to choose
I am still considering about it
Should I continue my high school life until the end
Or just end it up after SPM
Daddy has no comment but brother wanted me to continue
But I am unwilling to continue because I'm really too stress
For college or university life
At least I have time to rest or to have fun but not studying everyday
Even on Sunday
Which way to go
Do you have any comment for me


  1. wow never knew u so interested in this.. talk to u more bout it in PD..
    in the mean time.. i still support u to go for senior 3..

  2. Yeah
    I'm looking for time to talk about this with you too
    Can I know why


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