06 October 2009

First Day Passed

The first day for the year-end exam had gone
Happy but worry of my results
I didn't really study well before that
Came home late and took a nap as I was having a great stomachache
Also a little headache
Dear's lousy hand phone disallowed him to wake me up
So I woke up late at around 7:30pm
I missed the chance to send daddy out from home too
Sorry daddy
Watched the last episode for "Moonlight Resonance"
I started my study after these all
Too lazy to study recently

It was the first time I sat my exam in the auditorium
So damn cold but fortunately I did bring my lovely jacket
And my "grandpa" was just sitting right beside me
He shook the table all the time
Even when he was sleeping after answering all the questions
Quite disturbing huh
But fine because he has been my "grandpa" for years

Damn excited for the coming holidays
Beside study
I'm so wanted to hang out with dear
Don't you think it's a kind of relax
And also make cookies together with ZM * waiting for her free time XP *
Oh my dear holidays
I'm waiting for YOU

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