04 October 2009

Mid-Autumn Celebration

2 days 1 night at Mentakab brought me a lot of happiness
But I wasted a lot of time to study for the year-end exams
I did bring my books but I never touch them
Left them in the luggage room and played all the time
This is me when I'm being a naughty and playful girl
Back to the topic

The mid-autumn celebration was just simply memorable
I can't stop recalling along the journey to my house
Although there were still some relatives didn't come

We made some handmade snow skin mooncakes in the afternoon
Ribena and orange flavours
I helped them to do some but I dislike snow skin mooncakes
I could vomit if I ate it

Teenagers played with candles while aunties were busying for mooncakes
I love the night walk after dinner that was expected
Some of them held one to three lanterns with sticks
None of the men joined us
Only women and girls went for it
Fun though
And also felt comfortable for walking in a cool night

Before the time we left there
My cousin and his wife came with their 3-months-old daughter
The so-called "Tang tofu"
She is too cute and so I captured a lot of her photos
The aunties were so wanted to carry her
I didn't dare to carry as she is still too young
I'm afraid

These are the photos that were captured by me
Blur because I used VGA

Our handmade mooncakes

Three gangs at the same time

Having fun after dinner

My injury
So damn painful

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