18 October 2009

Cookies Day

I've finally done the cookies that I so wanted to make for so long
The so-called Li Hsia cookies
Nice and successful but my leg is quite painful right now
I've been standing in the kitchen for hours and sat less than 5 times in the kitchen
It was the first time I stood for so long just to wait for the cookies
Also the first time I made cookies by myself
Hey it's true that I never help my mum to cook or bake anything before this
This was the very very very first time
Mum had only taught me the way to use that weird oven
And taught me some other basics
I did the rest alone and she was playing free cell in the living room

The mixer is having some problems
I was forced to act as a mixer and mixed the ingredients altogether
Guess what
I used only one normal spoon to mix them
That's such a tiring stuff but I've done everything nicely

Some photos were taken when I was waiting

I took this photo for no reason

I washed them by myself
There's no maid in my house

Before I send them into the oven

The result after I baked them

Thanks mum for preparing fruit for me

The temperature of was too high until it ended up its life just on top of the oven
Sorry little ant

I broke it before I send it for baking
I named it as Si Ikan Cacat

It ended up my shaping job
And there's nothing inside
No almond nips
No corn flakes
And also no coffee chocolate chips
So I named it as Si Nothing or Si Kosong

The cookies have been separated into four tupperwares
One for my dear family * which is the fewest among all because they ate a lot while I was baking =.= *
One for my dear
One for my buddy Felicia * you may ask her for some if you want *
And the last one for sisters * Mickey the sifu XP + guin3apig + Chyn *

Do you want some
I've decided to start preparing my SPM after cookies day
Just be patient

Specially for my Mickey

It shaped into Mickey's look by itself
I didn't mean to make it
But then I decided to give this to you
So I went to the cupboard to look for a tupperware that it suitable for its size

It broke after it dried
I decided to make it once again

So i just gave up but I kept the six pieces for you
I just placed them at the bottom of the tupperware

Thanks for teaching me on that day
And now it's time for you to taste mine
I wish I can get an A1

Specially for mum
* but I know she will not see what did I post about her *

Thanks for helping me that much when I just wanted to start doing these stuffs
And also thanks a lot for the orange that you prepared for me
I ♥ you mum


  1. OMG!!!
    you mixed by hand!!
    just this is worth 5 star for u liao!!
    got change hand anot, later 1 hand muscle 1 hand skinny...hahahaha..

    haha thanks for the mickey 1st..so cute.. break nvm..i pandai puzzle geh..^^

    i might make again if i got time..make times 3..coz ingredients masih alot..lol..

  2. oops
    i didn't change hand
    okay i'll use another hand to mix next time
    that means i need to use my hand to mix once again

    then you fix them into mickey's shape when i go to your house later lar

    i have some more ingredients too
    only butter not enough
    hey i never buy icing sugar
    my mum blended by herself

    in addition
    thanks for the vanilla essence and the baking powder


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