16 October 2009

Through Skype
Mum received a sweet call from Chennai in India
This happens at least once a day
With full of joking tone
Dad asked me whether I want to study in India or not
"Don't want erh"
This is how I answered him just after he finished asking the question
And walked away from the laptop directly and immediately
A big laugh came out from the laptop
Fortunately everyone was still in the living room accompanying me
Otherwise I'll think there might be something wrong happening on the laptop

I love the way he laughs though
It means he is really happy and is free from stresses
It means he is staying healthy and is free from pains
These tell us not to worry of him
But you know it's impossible to an emotional person who is having uric acid
And is now far away from us
Although he is now being a temporary vegetarian and eat meats only for some times

I hope he can be much healthier than before when he comes back to Malaysia later
A healthy dad is a perfect source of happiness in a family
Isn't it

* posts about dad will less to be blogged for some reasons but never ever ask me for the answers please :) only some of them are able to know

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