21 October 2009

I ponteng again
I sleep more than 5 period everyday at school
So do you think I should stay at school for hours wasting my time

Stayed overnight at ZM's house again and went to 1U with dear in the morning
I got angry with him because of the annual dinner on this Saturday
But then I won and he finally decided to ask for help from his mum
Continued searching for clothes and shoes today
I have got a dress with an overcoat at Kitschen
Both are RM119.80 and they are pretty nice
Bought him a blue-white tie for annual dinner too

Went home by taxi after shopping and the rain started to fall heavily
An enjoyable day
Thanks dear

Out of topic
Found the blog "accidentally"
Will follow it secretly


  1. wanna c the dress!!
    and wad blog jek?

  2. i wore it today and just washed it

    i'll tell you later when we met


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