23 October 2009

Baby Phone

He's back
I mean my baby phone

I received a call from the pretty salesgirl yesterday in the hospital
She called to inform me to take back my baby phone
I was like going to fly up high into the sky
I've been waiting for more than one week
This means she broke her promise to her customer * DAMN *
I gave my dear a sweet call at the corridor
Told him the good news and we discussed about today

Went to Carrefour to take my baby phone back
Battery low and the fatter salesgirl charged it for a few minutes just to on my baby phone
And then she pullout the charger

We walked around in Carrefour from morning until 5pm
Nothing to see but we just wanted to chat
What a happy and sweet day with dear
Charged my battery immediately when I reached home
And re-changed all the details that have been changed by those spoilers

Out of topic
Grandpa has been sent into Damansara Specialist because he fell down on that day
And fractured his pelvis until he can't walk * can stand >.< *
Went to visit him yesterday
Glad to see him that fine as he can still laugh so loud like nothing happen
Cute grandpa anyway

Waiting to go for the annual dinner tomorrow


  1. but yesterday i asked my mum is it femur fracture and she said yes oo


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