25 October 2009

Annual Dinner

I took this out of boredom
Waiting for my family to fetch us to the auditorium

ZM said I look like my mum in this photo

Thanks my little "cousin" Beng Han for taking this photo for us
Nice but it will looks better if there's no plates in front

He looks so polite in the photo

The last photo of mine
Miss it so much

Our tickets

I bought him the first tie

I spent most of the time with dear in the annual dinner
It's sweet and I did appreciate the time as it was the last day we met in this holiday
First time we attended a dinner together
First time we attended a dinner with formal attires
First time he wore the tie that I bought for him to a dinner
First time I attended the dinner with make ups
There are lots of first times we experienced together in the night
Unforgettable night

Sam could still remembered that dear is a scout and this quite amazed me
It's because both of them have chatted only once at school
His memory isn't that bad

I'm here to thanks Yi Zhong for fetching me and dear back to Mutiara's bus stop after that
Although we wasted some times because we got lost in KL area
I thought he knew the way back to Jalan Ipoh
We found the way after some calls to his mum and his girlfriend's mum
Yi Zhong
I hope you will not get bullied by the other drivers anymore

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