28 October 2009


They feel guilty about making troubles to their family
I'm so wanted to tell them that as their daughters and grandsons
We have our responsibility to take very good care of them
There's nothing to be guilty

I should have to tell her about something that makes me feeling unwell recently
But I stopped myself to do that
It's just to prevent myself from arguing with her

Guess what
She did something that she knew I hate it
She criticized me every time when I was sleeping or doing something
She told all my aunts or cousins everything about me
I heard it while I was sleeping in the living room
I heard it by myself
How fun huh
Why did she stop telling them about what did I suffer on March 2007
That's weird
Like I'm not hers but HE is
I'm always laughing secretly by my own

Is this what she meant
I should not mind no matter anyone talks anything bad about me
She did it
What a big joke

No matter what
I will not write anything or tell anything anymore because I knew so clearly that those are just useless
I've been experienced this for once and it's time to stop

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